Decarbonation Roadmap, Implementation & R.O.I

Performing a 4-Sprint diagnosis of your climate approach and comparing it to the competition enable INUO’s team to identify the levers and challenges regarding your decarbonation strategy. Its dynamic implementation must then be paired with a financial and performance program and a strong cultural change. Jointly develop the Core Dynamic Decarbonation Performance Diagnostic, Roadmap & Installation in four Sprints to help your organization generates/confirm and implement a Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap with R.O.I.

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Dynamic review of your Decarbonation Performance Strategy, concrete approach and R.O.I.

Mapping all your carbon footprint emissions, identify and validate best-fit priorities & financing for each

Prioritize your deployment per key relevant workstreams & real funding opportunities

Support YOU and your team in implementing and accelerating best solutions, maximizing full value of CO2 capture & financial R.O.I.

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