100-360! Cash is King

What matters the most is your Cash Availability and how to continue to optimize rapidly your cash cost structure for the coming months.

Strengthening, implementing and speeding up your cash management optimization plans linked, to a strict control over your cash cost and investments is paramount. 

Quantify the cash impact for each of the 3 scenario (strong and/or hectic bounce, flat recovery)

Qualify per business, per region, the current cash impact situation and accelerate the concrete resolution of it

Adapt production capacity to the market reality and size fixed costs accordingly

Optimize assets flexibility and challenge operations on real assets efficiency

Variable your costs, when it is possible

Analyze and anticipate Suppliers and Clients risks

Review all projects, delay the ones with no immediate ROI and consider the ones with real strategic merits, funding and team capacity. Stop large projects requiring heavy integration costs

Be agile, implement weekly rolling forecast and Management review per region (none of them have been impacted in the same way and/or at the same time, making Ramp-up conditions and scenarii very different)

Accelerate dematerialization, digitization, industrialization thru IA program and the use of new technologies...

None of us are Mandrake or David Copperfield nor pundits of what’s next, but guts feeling says “you better move fast”, doesn't it?

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