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Collect, Connect and Validate adequate operational KPIs.

Follow improvements daily.

Translate into financial KPIs.

Create prioritized actions plans.

Track the biggest financials gaps

Analyze and Set the dedicated actions plan

Step One: Collect and Connect

Drilling Step 1B

Diagnose & implement the structure of the P&L and the assets


Identify and validate existing operational KPIs
Add the necessary KPIs missing
Make a critical review on KPIs to follow and missing ones.

Link operational KPIs to P&L

Create a line for each part of the P&L
Make sure you keep the same structure for every asset/actions.

Step Two: Validate

Drilling Step 2C

Validate the KPI tree that feeds the P&L for each asset/action

KPI Tree

Create the KPIs Tree that links the operational KPIs to the P&L.
Ensure KPIs are linkable to data from information systems


Parameter each operational KPIs
Define its target and its cost matrix (€/unit of gap)

Step Three: Monitor and Track

Drilling Step 3 (1)

Monitor operational & financial KPIs simultaneously


Monitor the biggest financial gaps and the action plan through the main dashboard 
Click to drill down to the concerned operational KPIs.


Track the progress of the operational KPIs, 
Adjust dedicated action plan, 
Compare and benchmark with other KPIs (internal & external) and validate the root cause.

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