Improving sales and operations of a retail company

A family-owned retail company was struggling to meet financial targets. According to the CEO, this was partly due to poor operational performance, on top of a fierce competition of "newcomers" on the market.


  • Lack of a strong suppliers and third-party providers management.
  • Eroded costumers basis due to poor clients retention and acquisition
  • Lack of Management operating system


  • Implementation of a B2B and B2C internal performance plans with strong sale efficiency program (Weekly review of commercial targets, multi-sites “mystery shopper” market research conducted to assess sales team skills…)
  • Simplification of SKU list and short-listing of preferred suppliers
  • Review of the marketing plan milestones and related spendings to make it more proactive and efficient.


  • Restored margins in less performing shops (better stock management, overhead costs…)
  • Improved revenue in top 1/3 shops (edited) 

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