Framing and management of a performance program for transport operating activities

Design and implementation of new organization with performance cells for +150 subsidiaries of a major Urban Transport operator


  • Gain operational and economic performance on actual contracts for this Public Transport Operator without renegociate with the Public Transport Authority
  • Decline specific performance cells on the field but for +150 subsidiaries
  • Measure and prove the operational and economic performance gained


  • Framing and management of the deployments of the standardization of Operating methods
  • Definition of the macro and micro processes of the Operations profession (Theoretical Construction and Operational Planning section)
  • Definition of performance levers and Bcase
  • Managing the deployment of associated tools and training
  • Definition of the 5-year roadmap for the Group Operations Department


  • +150 implemented with new performed processes
  • +20% operational performance
  • 100K€ incremental economic performance per subsidiary

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