Design and deployment of an Industrial Maintenance System

As part of its development project and to meet the new requirements of their customers.


As part of its development project and to meet the new requirements of their customers, the company aims to develop and implement an industrial maintenance system.

The group thus wishes to design and deploy an industrial maintenance policy to make gains and control the state of their fleet. The objectives are:

  • Have standardized preventive maintenance ranges
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement by deploying the use of lean management.
  • Reduce maintenance cost (Labor & consumables)
  • Serve as a business catalyst by increasing equipment life
  • Develop and value employees


  1. Design of the Industrial Maintenance Policy
    • State of play and reorganization of the organization
    • Redesign of the preventive maintenance process
    • Systematic and conditional preventive maintenance ranges
    • Predictive maintenance opportunity analysis
    • Impact analysis on internal tools
    • Operational management indicators and dashboards
    • Management system (rituals & problem solving)
    • Video tutorials
  2. Pilot operational deployment
    • Raising lean & industrial awareness maintenance
    • Implementation of maintenance plans for every assets
    • Agents’ training in maintenance plans
    • Managers’ training in management rituals and problem solving
  3. National deployment by internal team
    • Deployment Kit
    • Change manager training
    • Support for change managers and deployment kit update

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