Create a new performance-driven Public Transport Operator (PTO) for one of the biggest European network

Create performance in a context of dismantling a major public transport network (by the PTA) as part of opening the market up to competition


  • Divert all of the business and support functions of the existing company by responding to legal constraints
  • Valuing the performance of a former monopoly
  • Empower future teams vs actual corporate teams and switch to subsidiaries
  • Design the target view in 4 months
  • Optimize the organization in an issue of performance and competitiveness to deal the tenders


  • Building a target organizational model:
    • 130 workshops with nearly 100 business contributors to understand the current organization and processes and co-construct the target vision
    • Iterations with decision-makers from impacted business departments and the RATP Group in order to collect their vision and create consensus
    • Competitive benchmarks to compare the level of performance and competitiveness
    • A Lean approach for the design of the target organization
    • A sizing of the central structure and the Transport subsidiaries according to different hypotheses of scope of activity and the allotment on the part of the AOM
  • Defining a transformation trajectory:
    • Synchronization and scheduling of the action plan in a retroplanning logic
    • Preparation of an experimentation phase in order to validate the hypotheses retained and test the target organizational model


  • The target organization and its sizing based on the assumptions made
  • A modeling of the performance to be carried out at ISO markets and by hypotheses of the first gains/losses of market shares
  • A transformation plan to secure implementation
  • Shedding light on the future context and the need for transformation
  • A collective dynamic at the level of the whole Group

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