Cost Reduction In Landfill Sites

End-to-end cost reduction at depots and landfill sites


  • End-to-end cost reduction at depots and landfill sites


  • Developed manning and resource scheduling systems to plan resource allocation and deployment
  • Development of a Management Operating System for Landfill management
  • Reviewed all head office departments and streamlined work processes to serve the depots effectively
  • Developed and coached first-line management in effective management practices


  • Couple of millions € cash benefits by reducing fleet, freeing up capacity, and improving fleet management
  • Standards applied to set optimal resource (people, vehicles) levels across all disciplines and in all depots to deliver:
    • A substantial reduction in operational manpower and overtime
    • Reduction in fleet vehicle numbers
    • First line and middle management trained to manage business more effectively by monitoring key business drivers

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