Assisting a rental equipment company in managing operational challenges during rapid expansion

With hundreds of agencies spread all over France, being Head of agency had become a challenging position.


  • In this equipment rental company with hundreds of agencies spread all over France, being head of agencies had become a challenging position as rapid company growth created work overload. 
  • The CEO appreciated a “great place to work” study and wanted to ease the day-to-day job of the middle management and head of agencies, in line with company long-term strategy, as retaining staff member was amongst top priorities.
  • Our objective was to make a performance diagnostic (agencies wall-to-wall) and implement it to see how workload can be addressed in a more efficient way


3 weeks diagnostic of the organization was conducted involving process, tools and company culture:

  • Field interview with reginal director and agencies director
  • Survey completed by +80% of Agencies director
  • ExCom interviews
  • Documentation analysis (process, job description…)

Identify improvements and roadmap with client involvement

  • 6 Workshops to identify improvements (2 on business development activities, 2 on technical activities, and 2 on clerical/administrative ones) were held


Improvement action plan and its implementation

  • 20 tailor-made to-do list to implement improvement depending classification and type of position held (business develoepement, administrative, technical etc.), typology of actions (toosl, processes)

1 priorization action map depending:

  • Timeline (short-medium-long term)
  • Staffing
  • Overall costs

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